No problem is too big or too small; we fix ANY notebook or net-book problem. Problems such as cracked LCD screens or damaged hard drives are can be quickly and affordably replaced. If your laptop isn’t charging you may have a bad DC charging jack or broken motherboard. Even if your laptop no longer turns on at all, we can potentially recover important data and transfer it to another machine, for more information check out data back-up, transfer, or recovery. We also offer a special service for $125.00 where we take an old computer and turn it into a media player and web browser that is 100% virus free.

  • Memory Upgrades

    In Shop | OnSite Labor
    Installs HD or Memory
    Test Drive For Errors
    Increases PC Speed
    Hard Drive Diagnostic

  • Laptop Keyboard Repair

    In Shop | OnSite Labor
    Laptop Keyboard Repair
    Full Laptop Diagnostic
    Free Exterior Cleaning
    Local Pick Up

  • Power DC Jack Repair

    In Shop Labor
    Repair DC Power Connector
    Repair Power Supply Cables
    Complete Less than 24hr
    Local Pick Up

  • Laptop Data Recovery

    In Shop | OnSite Labor
    Flat Rate Per 250Gb
    Free Online Storage
    Contacts, Pictures, Documents
    Local Pick Up