At Frogwebber we understand from the customer point of view that the entire High Tech lingo is a foreign language and not necessary when communicating with your technician. What we found the customer is more concerned with is:
What went wrong?
How long will it take to fix?
How much will it cost?
How do I prevent it in the future?

The Solution!

Explaining to the customer what went wrong is a difficult task. If I explain that your DHCP service has stopped functioning or your LED Inverter is blown, we find the customer is usually more confused than the original question “What went wrong?”

You can log into our website with your customer number and personal password and view Photos and Screenshots of exactly what went wrong with your device. This provides the customer with a visual understanding of exactly what happened which helps understand what we are getting paid to repair. When you log in you may also view your place in the ticket line along with time stamps with details on how far along we have come with your current repair ticket. It is almost like you’re in the shop with us. We have been repairing computer and providing technical services for a long time now. Often we find the customer also wants to know how much the repair will cost right on the spot. We offer accurate quotes that we stand by. No hidden charges, miscellaneous supply or handling fees. If multiple problems are discovered in the middle of the repair than we will call you before moving forward instead of doing the repair and charging you more money without consent.

Now as much as we love repeat customers we hate repeating customer work. When we fix a problem we do not want to see you back in the shop a week later with the same exact problem. When you have a repair done by Frogwebber we also provide great tips to prevent the same problem from happening in the future. Every customer is given a user name and password which they can use to log into at and view these tips along with all of the information discussed above.

This is our solution to simplify what it is you’re paying for.